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Sunshine Coast Catering

Pure Catering Sunshine Coast organise catering in Brisbane and provide Sunshine Coast catering, and beyond.  With modern menus, the best customer service and an exceptional eye for detail, Pure Catering has established a reputation as one of the best caterers in the region.  Pure Catering prides itself on trying to be as ethical as possible without inflating the price.  We source our catering ingredients from local Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Australian suppliers.  All of our meat is free range, where possible and we use local shops wherever and whenever we can.

Sunshine Coast Caterers

Sunshine Coast Catering

Our Sunshine Coast Catering services bring great food and comfort to your Sunshine Coast location, wherever that may be. Are you ready for the holidays? Do you find yourself in charge of this year’s formal family dinner? You may be the one in charge of your company’s summer get-together or you may just want to invite a few close friends over to celebrate a dinner. When these are the things you have to do, it makes sense for you to get some help. A special meal can make any type of event a better one.

What Your Catering Event Needs

When planning Sunshine Coast Catering at your home, you do have to do some of the work, or hire a professional to do it for you. Be logical about your ability to provide enough seating for everyone that is coming to the event. For example, do you have table seating that is large enough for everyone that is in attendance? You may want to ensure you have enough room for people to mingle as well.  If you do not have enough then let us at Pure Catering organise it all for you.

The Right Sunshine Coast Caterer Matters

Once you have all of the details determined, the next step is to find someone to handle the cooking. From appetizers to the final desserts and wines, having a professional Sunshine Coast Catering company is critical. This is perhaps the only way you can ensure that you can be a guest at your event rather than slaving away in the kitchen. There are some great benefits to hiring a service like this, too.

Sunshine Coast Catering

  • You’ll be able to choose from a wider range of meals than you are used to making. You can often select foods that are from a range of cuisine styles, too.
  • You can choose a professional who has experience in crafting a menu that tastes great and keeps the budget in line. This is hard to do on your own since you may not have access to locations to get fine cuts of meat, for example, for less.
  • When you work with a catering service, they ensure every detail goes well. This means that you will be spending less time worried about the food and the timing of dinner and more time with your guests. They will handle the prep work that goes into any great meal, too.

It is necessary to hire the right Sunshine Coast Catering professional for the job. When selecting a company, be sure to taste the foods beforehand in a testing. Research the best company in the area. Learn about the options available to you in specialised chefs who may have extensive training or experience in a specific type of cuisine. Do take your time to find the right person to handle crafting your dinner menu.

You get to handle the home’s decor and setup. ThenScience Articles, you can turn to a catering company to help you with all of the details. Doing so could help you to have a great evening with friends or family.

Sunshine Coast Catering Company, Pure Catering is Based in Maleny and we are able to provide you with all of the best catering advice and customer service.  Pure Catering Sunshine Coast has a combined experience of almost 40 years in hospitality and our chef, Wayne, has worked in all types of kitchens, all over the world for over 20 years.

Contact Sunshine Coast Catering – Pure Catering TODAY!

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Save Money on your Sunshine Coast Catering

Sunshine Coast CateringSunshine Coast catering does not have to be expensive. Many couples prefer to avoid the expensive, traditionalist version of a wedding reception and are instead searching for cheap, clever ways to hold a creatively personalised affair. You can save plenty of money by abandoning the tropes of a reception that might seem necessary, but are not, such as:

  1. Your bridal gown. No one minds if your gown was hand-sewn or bought from a sales rack: find something that suits your figure and something that you adore. Do not depend on designer stores to unearth your perfect dress: shop around, look in boutiques and online.
  2. DJs are no longer necessary in your Sunshine Coast catering. Hire a sound-system that is compatible to your laptop of iPod and create your own personalised playlist.
  3. Abandon the skyscraper-esque floral centrepieces. Simplicity is the key to both sophistication and sensible spending. Look online at sites such as Pinterest for simple, elegant, and personalised Sunshine Coast catering centrepieces.
  4. Hire a photographer and forget videographers. Your family and friends will film their own versions of your big day.
  5. No matter what you spend on your Sunshine Coast catering reception, the personal touches are the most memorable. Personalised vows, do-it-yourself décor, old photographs, and even a personalised playlist all contribute to making your reception your own. Your guests will not remember the colours of the tablecloths: but they will remember your quirky personal touches.

The main area that you can make huge savings is on your Sunshine Coast catering. There are a number of ways to cut down on your expenses without skimping on the quality of the food or making your guests go home hungry. Catering on the Sunshine Coast can be sophisticated, inexpensive, and most of all, delicious.

Sunshine Coast CateringForget the Open Bar

The more fun they have, the more your guests at your Sunshine Coast catering will drink. An open bar can quickly go from a good idea to an expensive one. No one will complain if they are restricted to beer and wine for the night: should they want something more, they can purchase it themselves.  You could, alternately, place a price and time limit on your bar tab. For instance, you might have an open bar for the first hour or two, but close it down after dinner.

Easy on the Cake

Sunshine Coast cateringWedding cakes, while hugely expensive, often go largely uneaten. Wedding catering on the Sunshine Coast does not demand a wedding cake: you might decide to serve a range of different desserts, or a signature sweet dish at the end of your meal.

Similarly, as the demand for traditional weddings wanes, the traditional tropes do to. Wedding cake cutting ceremonies are not the most important part of your night.

Should you wish to include a wedding cake in your cuisine, you could consider serving personalised cupcakes instead, or a single-tiered, modest cake instead of a towering, sugary monstrosity. You might save yourself hundreds.

Sunshine Coast CateringSave on Your Rehearsal Dinner

While lavish Sunshine Coast catering rehearsal dinners are not unusual, they are unnecessary. Catering on the Sunshine Coast does not have to be expensive to be sumptuous. You could easily feed your guests with a large scale catered barbeque or carvery. These dining styles also create a more casual and relaxed atmosphere for your rehearsal. Use your extra money to spend on your honeymoon instead of splashing out on two extravagant Sunshine Coast catering dinners.

Sunshine Coast cateringCut Back on the Catering Courses

Sunshine Coast catering can be as simple or as extravagant as you would like: simplicity is, however, the key to saving on your wedding reception. This does not mean that you have to be frugal with your servings. You could choose to serve two mouth-watering, beautifully presented courses instead of six or seven – most of which your guests will not eat. You do not have to serve expensive foods to create a taste sensation: chargrilled or barbequed meat with crisp, seasonal salad on the side can be just as desirable as caviar.

Search for Sunshine Coast catering who shares the philosophy of quality over quantity. The right caterer can provide you with divine dishes at a reasonable cost: in fact, if your budget is prearranged, the right caterer will be willing to work to your requirements.

Create Your Sunshine Coast Catering Vision

Sunshine Coast CateringWhether your reception is quirky and personalised or a traditional white wedding, your wedding is yours alone. Modern twists to traditional weddings mean that there are no expectations that you need fulfil: there are only guidelines, no rules. You do not need to serve chicken, beef, and fish in a series of decadent dishes: why not serve revolving platters of finger food or hold a classy high tea? Why not take advantage of the summer sunshine with an afternoon barbeque?

Think outside of the box and talk to your Catering Sunshine Coast service about ways to create a unique, yet affordable, menu for your wedding reception. Your caterer will be able to work to your requirements and apply their cooking skills to your culinary vision.

Always choose fresh, seasonal produce to get the best price and quality. Search online for wedding blogs and use resources like Pinterest for inspiration in food and décor. Most of all, think of the parts of your reception that are most important to you: the music, your guests enjoying themselves, dancing, laughter, and focus on these. The amount that you spend on your meals will not affect the air of celebration.

A delicious, well-presented, memorable meal does not have to cost you the earth. Talk to your catering service to plan a sumptuous spread that everyone will enjoy, including your back pocket.

Contact Sunshine Coast Catering – Pure Catering TODAY!

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Really Good Feedback

Feb 27, 2014 by Michelle

Just letting you know that I was quite pleased with your service & regular communication (not to mention the friendly, fast assistance).

There was a lady who work for the Executive team that asked me for a recommendation (her name is Jacqueline), I gave her really good feedback and as a result she has advised that she will be contacting you.

I am so so glad we chose Pure Catering

Nov 06, 2013 by Natasha

We really loved the food, the flavours and presentation were just fabulous, you guys really did an amazing job. Everyone commented on the food so I hope you don't mind but I have passed on your details to some friends. The wait lady was just a blast and personality plus, she had such a great sense of humour , which was perfect for our day. In closing we are so grateful to you for providing us with such beautiful food, presentation and service I am so so glad we chose Pure Catering.

Thank You For Your Efforts

Sep 30, 2013 by Sharon

Kerry and I want to say a very sincere thank you for catering for our function on Friday night. The food was delicious . Yourself, Jess and Sheryl were fantastic. I couldn't get over how you had cleaned up in the kitchen before you left. Likewise Sheryl left the bar area so neat and tidy. So many of our guests were very complimentary of you all and how professional but friendly you all were. Everyone loved the evening and thank you all for your efforts.


Sep 10, 2013 by Nita Pozzoli/Whitsunday Law-Cannonvale-The Whitsundays

Thank you Chrissy for all your help with the deliveries of the morning teas to our business houses. Everything was great and we have a good response from all our clients. Looking forward to ordering again from you. Your help, friendliness and service was just great. Big, Big Thank you.


Apr 30, 2013 by Owen and Angela

Thank you! We did have a wonderful time and are very grateful to you for going above and beyond our expectations. The food was great and your service was impeccable. Thank you for graciously agreeing to our every request! It was a pleasure working with you to organise all the little details of the evening. I love that you are such a perfectionist!!! It really put my mind at ease because I felt I could trust you to get the job done properly :)… and you did! Thank you!

Pure Catering Brisbane 07 54350019 Herron Road Maleny QLD, 4552 Australia 5.0 5.0 12 12 Just letting you know that I was quite pleased with your service & regular communication (not to mention the friendly, fast assistance).There was a lady who work for the Execut

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